Clean up evening

We had a gathering of gardeners and volunteers last night. The Man from the RHS is coming to assess us tomorrow for the It’s Your Neighbourhood competition, which means we needed to clear up the confetti of beer cans and weird muscle tonic bottles (I’m talking proper boy muscle, from the Titan Gym next door) which are thrown over the wall from Mare St. We should make an inventory of the detritus that appears – lots of cans, crisp packets, fast food wrappers (thanks Col. S) of course, but also empty methadone bottles (thrown in joy or despair I wonder) and, one one occasion, a dead cat. A little archaeological survey of life in this corner of Hackney.

Another though, was our evening activity.  We mowed, weeded, organised, built, shovelled, painted, snipped and made tea.  This is what it looked like before we started.


This scene, understandably, was particularly upsetting to Jane who was responsible for the scaffolding shelves below.

We did a lot of mowing


Bee Seminar by Ian

Squeezed in a bit of bee school and had time for some snail racing.

For or five snails racing towards a lettuce leaf.

And this is what it looked like this morning.




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