Water, water

After last year’s deluge, it’s come as a surprise (though it shouldn’t) that we have to water – after ten days of good weather.  My general practice is to water a lot, seldom, rather than little and often, as I want my plants’ roots to delve deep into the soil to find moisture, rather than be weakened by regular waterings, which keep the roots too near the surface.  Having said that, I have come across a wonderful irrigation system for those plants that really do need a lot of water – squashes and beans for example.  My friend Sara told me about it and I’ve been spreading the word ever since as, it’s so simple and perfect.  All you need is some old terracotta pots and corks.  You plug the hole in the bottom with the cork (the ease of this depends on the quality of the cork.  Denser is better for cutting to the right size) or my latest discovery – Sugru.  Then bury the pot near the root of your plant and fill with water.  The pot being porous will gradually – very gradually – allow the water to seep out providing constant moisture for the plants.

Terracotta pot with cork plug.
Terracotta pot plugged with cork.


Pot buried next to plant.
Bury the flowerpot near the root of your plant.

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