Community Threads

The flax project  is progressing.  We have two schools, two children’s centres, a park, several housing estates and community spaces and individuals growing.  It’s now getting pretty late to sow but last week I went to Daubeney Fields in east Hackney to sow a strip with Gerry Tissier, who’s involved with the park users’ group.  I roped Cristina Consuega, who’s doing research into urban agriculture, in to help and Gerry asked a couple of people along too. I also texted Ben, who lives on a boat and who we’d met when we looked at the site a few weeks ago.  We were lucky with the weather – bright and warm – and the site next to the River Lea which was alive with wildlife, boats – and people.  The place was bursting with blossom and new leaf.  A perfect May day.  What I didn’t expect was the meeting of all the different  people using the space – river dwellers, land lubbers, dog walkers, loiterers and some small children. Through our common purpose – of clearing and sowing a strip of land – we met and chatted and talked about common (and some uncommon) issues, and made plans to talk more about other projects meetings and plans.  One child buried about half a packet of seeds in a hole he dug (that will be an interesting patch), A dog scraped at the newly-sown seeds and then lay down on them.  We ran out of steam at the end so there’s a very weedy stretch and the dog put her nose into the cake I made.  So several things went wrong but it didn’t matter a jot as we all had a great time.  So good that I didn’t realise my watch had stopped for an hour and a half. The power of flax.



2 thoughts on “Community Threads

  1. Hi
    It was great to meet you at the flax planting. We’ll keep an eye on the plot, we’ve certainly had enough rain. Gabriel (the small boy in the photo) can’t wait to see his “Special Section” as he calls it, in full bloom…!
    All the best, Ruth

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