Worms and Stepping Stones

January is the hardest time to get outside.  Some days it doesn’t seem to get light at all so the temptation is to put the heating on, watch crime dramas and wait for spring.  But it is the best time to get outside, which is what we found on Saturday. We were helping out on the Wilton Estate – planting a new herb bed, painting stepping stones, making plant labels (jobs for the children) and putting up a poly-tunnel.  We started, as ever, with cake and tea, then with a group of companionable volunteers, got down to some gentle weeding.  Talk was of how we wanted to be buried and the sex lives of worms – perhaps not surprising subjects considering our task; we were contemplating the earth.  After a couple of hours we had another delicious veggie lunch supplied by Cafe Morningside.  The adults loved the food.  The children were less sure. Sean said he couldn’t eat it as he wasn’t a vegetarian.  We put up the poly-tunnel and ended the day, pleasantly tired and glad to have spent the day outside, with more cake – satisfied that we had now earned the right to put the heating on and watch crime dramas — till next time.

The herb circle - before
The herb circle – before

Cake to get us going
Culinary and medicinal herbs for the new bed.
The plan
Gentle weeding led to subterranean thoughts.
Paving stones made from scaffolding planks and painted by the children.
While we weeded the children worked on plant labels.
The children were sceptical about our delicious veggie lunch from Morningside Cafe.
Planting the herbs

The children laid the stepping stones they’d painted.
Sky helped with laying the stepping stones.
Putting together the polytunnel.
IMG_0808[1] IMG_0811[1] IMG_0818[1]


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