Guest blog by Hansika Jethnani

Guest blog by Hansika Jethnani

On Sunday, 1st of March The Lindley Hall at the Royal Horticultural Society was buzzing with creativity. Cordwainers Grow was one of the busiest stalls of the day as numerous adults and children came by to dye a silk pocket square using dried flowers and onion skins! Each flower created a different colour, which led to a lot of experimentation around the table. Hollyhock tinted a purplish blue, coreopsis tinted an orange, madder created red while onion skins created a yellow. Whilst people would wait for the dye to submerge in the cloth, they had the chance to see the impressive garment created by the technicians at London College of Fashion using linen grown from the flax plant. The garment was a part of Cordwainers Grow’s growing project last year where flax was grown in plots around the city of London. This year the project is to produce flax string. Thus a pack of seeds for a metre square plot was available to buy for £5 as well. The anticipation while waiting for the dyed silk pocket square was well worth it as everyone was continually delighted by the results. Everyone’s silk pocket square was incredibly unique. It was definitely a merry day at the RHS for everyone!




Secret Sunday

What a great day at the RHS Lindley Hall!  We’d been invited to talk about our linen garment and run a drop-in dye workshop.  We also got our new project to grow string under way. We met some lovely people – a lot who wanted to know what the Latin name for particular dye plants were (SO RHS). Lots had a go a bundle dyeing, many wanted to have a go at growing string – and we even did a bit of hand drill spinning with some left over tow.