Visitors from afar…. well outside London.  Bicester, Oxfordshire to be exact.  Azul, Jason, Kate, Mark and Claudia from Grassroots Bicester and Banbury Community Action were on an awayday to find out about setting up a community growing space.  We talked about what Cordwainers has done (and some of the mistakes), did a tour of the garden, spent a lots of time watching the frogs, drank tea and ate cake (of course) and did a quick bundle dye session – a great way to get people interested in plants and growing. In return I found out about their projects which include community orchards and setting up Incredible Edible Bicester – making community-grown fruit and veg available to ANYone who wants it, based on this excellent principle started by Incredible Edible Todmorden – and Jason gave our fruit trees an overdue prune.



Dyeing al fresco is the best way.
Some tried and tested dye plants – crocus, marigold, hollyhock, onion skins – and experimenting with chard stalks.
Claudia, Kate, Mark, Jason and Azul with their flower-dyed pocket squares.

Jason pruned the cherry so that we can reach the fruit and so that it’s growth is more balanced.
Mulching with compost keeps weeds down, moisture in and provides nourishment.

Pollination in action. Thanks, bee, for future plums.

2 thoughts on “Incredible Edible – Not this frog though.

  1. How fantastic to be able to share ideas with another community group. Your garden is truly inspiring so I am sure Grassroots went home full of ideas. Thanks for having me over to visit this week! Oh, and I love the froggie pictures!

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