This is the key to a technique for flax spinning we learnt last night: dampen your knee. What’s great about our flax to thread sessions is that the people who come are so skilled and cover such a wide range of interests from sowing to… er… sewing.  Last Thursday at the London College of Fashion we had growers from community gardens and allotments, spinners and knitters, technical innovators and fashion designers.  We honed two methods of spinning; one using the drill method.  I now know you must wet the fibre to help it bond to itself and that you must turn the drill anti-clockwise to make the magic really work.  The other technique, which gardener, designer and teacher Dina demonstrated, used no equipment apart from the above-mentioned damp knee, and involved rolling the heckled fibre on a leg see our  Knee-Spinning video. We also got an excellent new model for our garment – Benjamin.  He wears it very well.  Kellie also models the string she made – as a stylish belt.


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